Sunday Afternoons

Sunday Afternoons specializes in designing and manufacturing high quality sun protective hats and clothing for men, women, and children. Every product created at Sunday Afternoons is designed with sun protection and comfort in mind, and carries a minimum sun protective rating of UPF 40+ (excellent rating). With over 70 unique sun hat styles, multiple sun protective shirts, and a wide array of sun protective accessories, Sunday Afternoons is the best place to find reliable sun protection for the entire family. Sunday Afternoons’ sun hats and sun clothing are dermatologist approved and carry the seal of recommendation from the Melanoma International Foundation. Stay safe and enjoy the sunshine wisely with Sunday Afternoons.

Examples of a few of the hats we sell directly in the office:

  • Adventure Hat
  • Sport Hat
  • Cruiser Hat
  • Sun Tripper Cap
  • Natalie Hat
  • Beach Hat
  • Caribbean Hat
  • Kids’ Play Hat
  • Kids’ Fun Bucket Hat